Monday, May 23, 2005

Subconscious Support of the Wrong Thing???

OK....So before watchin my man Steve Nash blow up for 39 against Dallas the other night, advancing them to the Western Conference Finals, me and 6 other people went to Taco Bell for a cheap/economical dinner. During that meal, a very good topic of conversation came up. One of my boys made the point that he REFUSES to support films where the black male (or blacks in general) is depicted, more or less, as a disgrace to his race or "set black people back". He was referring to movies such as "How High", "The Best Man", "Black Knight", but specifically "White Chicks". "White Chicks", starring Shawn and Marlon Wayans, is a comedy movie where the two are FBI agents and they dress up as white girls in order to crack a kidnapping case. While it is very amusing and funny, I can see exactly what my friend was saying because I had the same thoughts. He chose to use the word "sambo", a term used to describe the ignorant black male where he dehumanizes himself and paints himself white for the amuzement/satisfaction/entertainment of others. The fact that the Wayans brothers would dress up as white girls, act out stereotypes, and act pure ignorant really bothered him. So this made me think....

Why is it that humor (not ALL humor) only comes when the black male (or black people in general) is ingorant and acts out stereotypes of his race? Is this true? For example, a white person acting out white stereotypes is nowhere near as funny as a black person acting out black streoptypes. Why is this? Do we give American satisfaction by making fun of ourselves? I talked to another friend of mine about this and his reaction was that this is a problem with every race except white b/c they don't see anything wrong with themselves. I would have to agree. Throughout history, whatever whites have done has always been considered "the norm" and acceptable, so I don't think it would CONSCIOUSLY apply to them as it would other races.

Dave Chappelle...Genius or Ignorant?...Needless to say, he is the leader of crossing the acceptable racial line for humor...Ok he pretty much destroys it. The racial draft, The Black/White Supremacist, The Niggar Family, his stand-up comedy, all if it, although it is seen as "comedy" and very well-liked, uses black streotypes as a means of humor. Is he funny because the material he uses is TABOO in society but he opts to use it anyway? Now there is the argument that crossing such lines of race, and using stereotypes for humor helps "desensitize" them, eliminate them, and shows how ignorant the user is...but is this true? Does it fix the said problem, or does it give the rest of America approval to further use them? The most visible example of this is the uprising use of the N-Word. This 6-letter word has sparked issues not only between blacks and whites, but between blacks themselves as well. The word that use to and STILL DOES dehumanize African-Americans has "supposedly" changed meanings over the years and has been desensitized and "embraced" by the black community (just to clear it up, this is NOT the case...). Nowadays you can't go 30 feet without hearing it from someone (yes someone, because it's used by basically all races now), the radio, or tv. This presents the same problem: if the N-word is constantly used in mainstream media, does it fix the problem, or does it give the rest of American approval to use it?

What are your thoughts? Are you a victim of subconscious support or are you someone who refuses to support films with content you don't agree with? What do you think about Dave Chappelle and his comedy? What are your views of the uprising use of the N-Word?........Mentally Emancipate.....

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Girl/Guy Stereotypes

Tuesday, me and two of my friends went to Bojangles' for breakfast. It turned from a "much needed Bojangles' fix" to an in depth conversation about relationships and stereotypes of college men and women. It all started when one of my friends asked me: "why do guys lie and cheat?" Of course I had to step up for all the fellas out there who DON'T lie and cheat, and remind her that not all guys are that way, but there ARE (obviously) many guys out there who do. I also raised the point that people don't really "lie", they just know what and how to say certain things, answer certain questions, and what NOT to say...which goes for both sexes. Even though she was outnumbered (the only girl), we all agreed on the following...

- Girls are VERY likely to pass up a GOOD guy for someone who is of a high "status"
- Girls are VERY likely to pass up a GOOD guy for someone who will treat them with no respect, and CONTINUE to stay with them
- Guys are most likely to cheat on girls
- Girls and Guys suffer from this : "You never know what you have/had until it's gone"
- Girls are VERY gullible and "blind"
- Girls need to realize when enough is enough (in other words...stop chasing guys and cut some guys loose...)
- Girls need to know what they are looking for BEFORE they go looking for it
- Guys know exactly what/how to say things to get what they want
- Long distance relationships do not work
- On the whole, Girls value"trust" in a relationship more than guys
- Girls are more likely to stay with a guy who cheats/Guys are less likely to stay with a girl who cheats
- Girls need to stop dressing LOOSE and getting upset when every guy tries to talk to them (in other can be "grown and sexy" without looking like a prostitute)
- Guys need to start respecting women more (ie: don't call them b's, hoes, hold doors for them, etc.)

The list goes on, but these were just a few. What do u think? Are these fair generalizations? A step further, do these stereotypes belong to a specific race, or are they found among all races? Comments please...

Saturday, May 14, 2005

This Is A Test....

Mental Emancipation....This is the beginning of something good....